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At Filthy Rich University, we believe that sharing our knowledge and experiences is a powerful way to ignite change and inspire growth. By investing in ourselves and others, we create a vibrant community that thrives on creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Share your expertise and begin making a significant impact on the world around us. 


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Enhancing the skillset of your workforce can help you to achieve this, enabling your employees to deliver the desired results for your company. It is now easier than ever before to guide employees in the right direction and ensure they have the necessary capabilities through FRU’s platform.

  • Close skill gaps for roles in your company.
  • Easily configure job-based learning. 
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Filthy Rich University offers a diverse range of business workshops designed to help entrepreneurs and business owners find new avenues for success. Featuring experienced instructors and practical tools, our workshops will help you elevate your business acumen, improve your leadership skills, and gain the insights and strategies you need to make your venture a success.

Whether you’re looking to grow your business, expand your revenue, or simply hone your skills, our workshops have something to offer everyone. Join us for an inspiring and enlightening journey, and discover the power of business workshops today!


Beneditch Grey

Best in Psychology, Human Interaction, Machine Learning

Mia Kim Yon

Best in Business strategy and Finance

Zaid Sabih

A computer scientist, and the founder and CEO of zSecurity

Riyan Kroonenburg

A Cloud Guru and an Amazon Web Services community hero

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At Filthy Rich University, we strive to be the learning partner that helps an individual advance their skills. We believe that we can provide learners with the knowledge and tools necessary to expand their understanding. Partner with us and let’s upskill your workforce. 

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How others like you are benefiting and reaching their business goals!

Upon onboarding we had to undergo training in leadership and customer service. There were so many things I hadn't realized were necessary to get a potential client converted to a loyal client... and it all starts with me!

➡️ (Leadership Development Courses)

Tolu O.

1 Guest House Supervisor

One thing I really appreciated about the training session was the emphasis on communication skills. The trainer emphasized the importance of clear and effective communication in the workplace, and provided us with strategies for communicating with customers and coworkers.

➡️ (Administrative Skills)

Rita K.

Dunkin Donuts Employee

The trainer was knowledgeable and experienced, and I felt that she really understood the challenges that we face as McDonalds employees. She was able to provide practical advice and tips that I could immediately apply to my job.

➡️ (Sales & Marketing Courses)

David B.

McDonalds Employee