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Instructing can be a fulfilling and rewarding way to make a difference in the lives of others while also furthering your own growth. Teaching offers an opportunity to share knowledge, help people reach their goals, and make a positive impact in the world. Whether you‘re looking to teach a traditional classroom setting, become an online tutor, or even mentor in your professional field, there are a variety of ways to get involved through Filthy Rich University and make a difference.

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How To Set Up Your Course

Our course builder provides an easy, intuitive way to build out your courses. You can add new sectionslessonstopics & quizzes without ever leaving your Instructor Dashboard. We also provide a host of resources to help you create your course. 

A welldesigned curriculum should be comprehensive, wellorganized, and tailored to meet the needs of the students. Here are 

some steps to consider when creating a curriculum:

1. Establish Goals & Objectives: Develop a set of clear, measurable goals and objectives for the program or course. This will serve as a guide for the entire curriculum.

2. Research: Research the current trends in the field to ensure the curriculum is uptodate.

3. Design: Create lesson plans and activities such as virtual meetings and quizzes to meet the goals and objectives of the course. You can also use our Instructor E-Book Program to offer books that can be purchased by your students.

Uploading your course content is done directly on your dashboard.
1. Setup your topics, modules, quizzes, e-books, lessons, and videos.
2. Decide how learners interact with your course – require pre-requisites, drip your content, offer certificates and more. 
3. Once you have created your content, you can track learner progress, give feedback, and communicate with them.



To help get your course off the ground, use social media and your professional networks to generate excitement 

and interest in your course. Ask your contacts to share the course details, and encourage them to leave reviews and ratings to increase the visibility of your course. Doing so will help you gain more enrollments and build a reputation as an expert in your field.


Our platform provides landing pages for your course(s) with the ability to offer incentives like coupons for enrolling. Additionally, we can globally promote and feature your course to generate more traffic to your course(s).


FRU Course Builder Features

Onboarding wizard

We’ll take you through an onboarding process that shows you how to maximize your course builder and account.

Advanced Quizzing

Eight question types, custom messages, flexible question display, and more.

Flexible Prerequisites

Grant access to courses, lessons, and quizzes subject to a specific set of requirements or prerequisites.

Drag & Drop Course Builder

The FRU Course Builder makes course creation effortless.

Assignment Management

Review submitted assignments, provide feedback, and award points or certificates accordingly.

Dynamic Content Delivery

Drip-feed lessons, or set linear and open progression through your course.

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Through my involvement with Filthy Rich University, I have been able to benefit from two distinct advantages: the chance to impart knowledge to a much larger audience than I could have independently and a reliable source of supplemental revenue.

Sandra Jamestone - Business Leadership

I'm delighted that my efforts are allowing people everywhere to further their professional development and to create amazing things. Although instructing demands a lot of energy, it permits me to choose when, where, and how I work.

Seth Thomb - Anger Management

My time at Filthy Rich University has been incredibly transformative. By pursuing my dream of being a teacher I have been able to witness firsthand the success of my students, which is incredibly rewarding. They often tell me that they learned more in my classes than they did in college and that is an incredibly humbling feeling.

James Jackson - Accountability

I absolutely love teaching on Filthy Rich University! It’s the perfect platform for teaching students from all over the world. The interface is easy to use and the website is very user-friendly. I’m also able to customize my course materials, which makes it much easier for me to teach. The dashboard provides me with great insights into my students’ progress, which helps me to track their progress and give them the best learning experience possible. Highly recommended!

Julia Coulson

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