Learning Experience For Your Workforce

Corporate training is an effective solution to many employee problems, and Filthy Rich University's online training platform is the best solution for your organization.

Our corporate coaching program offers personal and professional development for your organization. We provide custom tailored sessions to ensure your needs are met and create a positive shift in the workplace. Our myriad of business curriculum and experienced team of coaches will help you and your employees reach their goals and develop essential skills for success. Our program is designed to be both engaging and informative, so everyone can benefit from an improved work environment. Contact us today to find out more about our corporate coaching program.

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Improved Skills

We help employees acquire new skills and knowledge relevant to their job roles. This can help them perform better and contribute more effectively to the organization resulting in improved skills in customer service.

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Enhanced Productivity

We have the tools and resources for your employees to be more efficient and productive in their work. We  help them learn how to use new technologies, software, or processes that can streamline their work.

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Increased Engagement

Our platform shows that your organization values its employees and is invested in their development. This can increase employee satisfaction and engagement, which can lead to better retention rates.


Transform Your Brand With Highly Skilled Employees

Enhancing the skillset of your workforce can help you to achieve this, enabling your employees to deliver the desired results for your company. It is now easier than ever before to guide employees in the right direction and ensure they have the necessary capabilities through FRU’s platform.

  • Close skill gaps for roles in your company.
  • Easily configure job-based learning. 
  • Transform with skillbased recommendations.


Resources From Experts Located All Around The World

Provide training to teams using diverse materials and programmes from experts tailored to the various educational requirements and timetables of your staff.


Provide Proficiency In Skills & Strengthen Employees Through Practical Experience

Offer employees a great way to quickly acquire knowledge and skills. Get access to over 10,000 single-session, hands-on trainings with step-by-step instructions.

  • Map skills to dozens of company roles across technology, marketing, data, and management.
  • Offer tailored guidance that is suited to each individual employee.


Create A Plan For Learning That Is Tailored To Maximise The Benefits

Make informed decisions that will optimise training outcomes and help to meet your business objectives.

  • Track employee skill development.
  • Uncover ROI and drive progress toward your organization’s talent goals.
  • Assess skillset and discover development areas that could enhance your marketability. Analyse the competitive landscape to identify how your skills compare against others in your field and explore potential growth opportunities.

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At Filthy Rich University, we strive to be the learning partner that helps you advance your employees skills. We believe that through our expertise and experience, we can provide you with the platform and tools necessary to take your staff and business to the next level.