Restricted Topics Policy

Restricted Topics

At Filthy Rich University, we take the safety and wellbeing of our customers and our community very seriously. Therefore, we have created this policy to address the presence of, or promotion of, certain restricted topics on our service.

Restricted topics are any topics that, in Filthy Rich Universitys sole discretion, are deemed to be offensive, derogatory, promote violence or hatred, or other inappropriate materials. Examples of restricted topics include, but are not limited to, racism, discrimination, terrorism, extremism, and hate speech.

Although Filthy Rich University recognizes the right to free speech, we reserve the right to take appropriate action in cases where content or courses violate this policy. This policy is enforced in order to ensure that users of our platform are able to benefit from a safe learning environment.

If content or courses are found to contain restricted topics, Filthy Rich University reserves the right to remove it without prior notice. If a user does not comply with this policy, Filthy Rich University may take appropriate steps, up to and including the termination of a user’s account and removal of the course from the platform.

Please note that this policy is subject to change at any time and without prior notice. We thank you for helping us to keep our platform safe and secure for everyone.


Resticted Topics Include:


Content that is sexually explicit or suggestive is not allowed. Materials about reproductive health and relationships must be free of any explicit or suggestive connotations. Examples of prohibited content include instruction on seduction, sexual techniques, and performance, as well as discussion of sex toys. On the other hand, content concerning safe sex, consent, and communication is acceptable. Nudity and attire should also be taken into consideration.

Nudity and Attire

Only certain forms of nudity are acceptable for educational purposes, and the clothing worn should be suitable for the subject being taught without drawing attention to body parts. Examples of acceptable nudity include figure drawing, anatomical illustrations, and medical demonstrations, while activities such as boudoir photography, naked yoga, and body art are not permissible.

Dating and Relationships

Courses related to flirting, courting, and other romantic behaviors are prohibited. All material related to longterm relationships on Filthy Rich University must adhere to all the platform‘s regulations, including those regulating Sexuality and Preventive Language.

Eligible course topics may incorporate marriage guidance, while discussions on closeness can be accepted provided they are part of a broader course focused on improving connections.

Courses that promote gender stereotyping are not allowed.

Weapons Instruction

Instruction covering the storage, use and manipulation of firearms or air guns is not permitted.

All other courses that address weapon usage need to abide by the Filthy Rich University policies, including what is stated in the Violence and Bodily Harm section.

Examples of lessons which are allowed are those related to how to safely take away a weapon from an attacker.

Violence and Bodily Harm

Engaging in unsafe practices or actions that could endanger or injure oneself or others is prohibited. All forms of violence will not be accepted.

The following activities are not allowed:

  • Selfharming.
  • Drug or alcohol misuse.
  • Unsustainable methods of weight loss.
  • Severe body modification.
  • Intense combat lessons which could lead to excessive aggression.

The following activities are allowed:

  • Martial arts classes.
  • Recovery programs for those struggling with addiction.

Animal Cruelty

Animal care for pets, livestock, game, etc. should be conducted in accordance with the advice of animal welfare authorities. This includes the proper treatment of domestic pets as well as other animals, like livestock and wild game.

Discriminatory Language or Ideas

Discrimination of any kind, either through words or actions, based on an individual‘s racial, religious, national, disabilitiy, gender identity, sex, or sexual orientation is strictly prohibited on this platform.

Illegal or Unethical Activities

Content must comply with any applicable federal regulations. Activities that are prohibited by multiple governments are not allowed even if they are legal where the person posting resides.

Examples of activities that cannot be posted include:

  • training on the use of marijuana;
  • instructions on how to breach software protection;
  • and tutorials on doxxing or other methods of bullying.

By contrast, courses on finding discounts and obtaining cheats codes are examples of things that can be posted.

Misinformation and Misleading Content 

Instructions which provide inaccurate information or advocate for ideas that are contrary to scientific, medical, or academic opinions should not be posted. Examples of this are promoting vaccine hesitancy and fringe theories.

Sensitive or Otherwise Inappropriate Topics or Language

As a worldrenowned learning platform with users of differing backgrounds and levels of experience, it is paramount that we are mindful of many factors when assessing content. Not just the subject matter, but also the manner in which it is presented, needs to be taken into account. When teaching on a delicate matter, it is vital to make sure all related course materials are handled with respect.

Language and imagery that might be provocative, hurtful or insensitive must be avoided.

Content for Young People

Filthy Rich University is not designed to accommodate individuals under the minimum age of consent in their respective countries. In the United States, this age is 13. Those between the ages of 18 and the legal minimum of consent may use the services, but only if a parent or guardian establishes and oversees their account. It is recommended that any material directed towards younger students has a clear focus on parental supervision. To learn more, refer to Section 1 of the Filthy Rich University’s Terms of Use.

How to report abuse

We hold the authority to improve and change this list when needed. If you feel there is a topic that ought not to be in this platform or should be added, please report it by emailing .