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Provide access to training in digital marketing, SEO, and social media from marketing experts at top companies and universities with the Marketing Academy from Coursera.

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Develop deep analytical skills to unlock insights and drive data-based decision-making, and utilize martech tools more effectively to maximize marketing ROI.

Offer students 5,200 courses from 275+ leading universities and industry partners

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Deliver practical, job-relevant learning experiences with professional content and courses from university and industry experts

World-Class Content

Connect students to a wide range of content from hundreds of industry leaders and universities.

Professional Certificates

Help your students grow job confidence, apply learning, and hone critical skills in high-growth fields.

World-Class Content

Connect students to a wide range of content from hundreds of industry leaders and universities.

LMS Integration

Streamline the learning experience by linking Coursera to your learning management system.

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Upon onboarding we had to undergo training in leadership and customer service. There were so many things I hadn't realized were necessary to get a potential client converted to a loyal client... and it all starts with me!

➡️ (Leadership Development Courses)

Tolu O.

1 Guest House Supervisor

One thing I really appreciated about the training session was the emphasis on communication skills. The trainer emphasized the importance of clear and effective communication in the workplace, and provided us with strategies for communicating with customers and coworkers.

➡️ (Human Resources Courses)

Rita K.

Dunkin Donuts Employee

The trainer was knowledgeable and experienced, and I felt that she really understood the challenges that we face as McDonalds employees. She was able to provide practical advice and tips that I could immediately apply to my job.

➡️ (Sales & Marketing Courses)

David B.

McDonalds Employee

Stay up to date with the latest technology and objectives to ensure your business is successful.

Achieve Desired Results For The Business

At Filthy Rich University, we strive to bring people together into purposeful teams to tackle complex challenges and support the attainment of important business goals through our courses and leadership development programs.

Learn From Influential Thinkers

Throughout their learning journey, participants are coached and guided by experts from esteemed business schools and companies, including faculty, authors, and thought leaders.

Grow In Knowledge Through Collaborative Learning

Filthy Rich University unites leaders to achieve a shared goal. Through the use of microlearning, group discussions, and virtual events, leadership teams are equipped to collaborate and bring about meaningful change in their businesses.

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Turn insight into action

At Filthy Rich University, we strive to be the learning partner that helps you advance your skills. We believe that through our expertise and experience, we can provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to take your business to the next level. Our goal is to be your go-to for strategic learning solutions that will help your business reach your goals.